PHARMASOFT New Generation Powered by Kireetisoft.
  • Kireeti Pharmasoft Important Silent Features

    User friendly:

    In Create Orders Salesman can create for a Customer with Item names or Company wise Item names with QTY

  • Orders List

    The entire application is menu driven to help users navigate between screen and fields.

  • GUI:

    The point and click of the mouse is minimal and hence makes the keyboard an easier option to navigate between screens.

    App provides Discount Column and Narration/Remarks in Receipts Entry

  • Security:

    Provides multiple levels of security in the system so that data pertaining to various functions of the hospital and nursing home remain confidential.

  • Environment:

    Pharmasoft is Multi Company – Multi User – Multi Tasking – Multi Platform Software

  • Support:

    It supports all Windows Versions and Pharmasoft supports various Printers like Thermal / DOT-Matrix / Laser Printers.

  •
  • Special Reports (Pharma Track) Features

    Lock Batch Modification in Purchase for Saled Items.

    Restrict Free/Discount offers, Bill Delete Confirmation message and Health Code Concept.

    Special Discount in Sales Invoice.

    Enable Netrate without Scheme, Allow Purchase return with Zero value and Show message if party Cash Bill Amt>=2laks.

    Zooming Locking for Users Date Lock for Users and Minimum Margin Color Indication and Predefined defined Transaction Types like Purchase, Sales etc.

    Predefined Discount Structures with various types like Item/Customer etc.

    Scheduled Transactions, Scheduled Remainders, User Defined Registers, User Defined Import Purchase Bill Formats and Checklist.

    Customized Bill Formats, Pharmasoft supports all Windows Operating Systems.

    Pharmasoft Supports Thermal/DOT-Matrix/Laser Printers.

    Purchase Order to Purchase Invoice Import

    Sales Order to Sales Invoice Import, Mobile Number wise Search for sales

    Same Batch entry for Purchase and Sales, Bill wise adjustment in Vouchers, Stock Transfer – issues/receipts with password protection

    Recall Scheduled Transactions

    Stock Transfer Point to PointUn Adjusted Debits – Credits for an account with Bill wise or Bill to Bill and H drug Statement

    Item wise Orders register, Drug License Expiries LIST and Pending DC’s Detailed/Summary Reports

    Closing Stock (or) Stock and Sales Report with Increment option, Due’s Control Lock, Stock Indent, Stock Indent to Purchase Order Saving and Cancelled Bills Report